Design and development of community outreach postcard for Wholesome Wave Georgia. Wholesome Wave doubles EBT/foodstamp dollars at local, sustainable, community farmers markets. The charity helps make the best food more affordable for Georgia's hungriest. Fund raised in a community stay in that community. 

The postcards were produced on a regional basis. The piece described how to obtain the extra funding, featured a map of participating markets, and displayed when those markets were in operation.

Annual Report

Annual Report for Wholesome Wave Georgia including infographics, financial statement, report, and supporters list.


Fundraising and outreach piece for Wholesome Wave, single fold, finished size 11 x 8.5." The front cover depicts farmers and EBT/foodstamp users. The inner spread detailed the charity's mission statement, funding structure, growth, and spread of reach. The back cover displays celebrity-chef and -farmer testimonials as well as the charity's contact info.


Large scale, 8 page, full color brochure, finished size: 8.5 x 5.5".  Predecessor to the regional postcards, this piece contained the organization's mission statement, an explanation of benefits, description of partner organizations, appeal for donations, maps and participating market info, and a harvest chart.

Web Graphics

HTML eblasts. The first series focuses on a fundraising push for Wholesome Wave Georgia. Featuring photography of program beneficiaries, engagement buttons, and countdown language. Fetes du Ford is an example of a promo for specific auction lots at the Southern Chefs Potluck.