Logo design, illustration, custom font work, and concept for Mana in our Foods. Mana was a locally made, vegan friendly, gluten free, small batch, organic meal company based in Athens, Georgia.

The concept is taken from the owner's heritage and life. Alyssa Mana'o'lana Duvall is native Hawaiian and mother of three. The design is based on the Giant Taro, an indigenous species of the Hawaiian islands, staple food of the Hawaiian people, and symbol of preeminent importance in Hawaiian mythology. It is also the principle ingredient in Poi–coincidentally–one of the first foods her children had after breast milk.


Packaging design for sustainably produced, environmentally friendly, organic, vegan, handmade, small batch, wholefoods company.

The first product line was based on Mason jars. The logic was stylistic and practical: reasonably light weight, rigid, readily available bases which happened to be embossed with measuring marks. The customer was able to preform the first 2 steps of the recipe within the packaging.

The labels were developed to be as inexpensive and environmentally friendly as possible. Due to concerns about printed label production–the amount of energy used, the material printed on, the eco-hazards of the inks, etc–we opted for simple lazerjet printing on wind-produced, 100% recycled paper. The labels were punched with wholes, then corset tied around the top of the jar with baker's twine made of organic cotton, produced in the United States.

Trade Show Graphics

Mana relied heavily on farmers market sales. We developed a simple background sign to hang behind sales staff, as well as informational signage. The more expensive product line was displayed front and center, atop found-plate place settings. Lastly, we created vertical banners to display each completed meal.

Menu + Pricing List

Mana was very much a labor of love. Starting from nothing, the owner/chef/operator/sales person cold called Atlanta- and Athens-based independent boutiques. We developed this sales sheet as a leave behind. Printed on textured, light kraft, large scale cardstock.