1000 Faces Coffee

Combination print piece for 1000 Faces Coffee featuring the offering menu and the company's manifesto. Double gate fold on grey paper 11 x 4.25" finished size. 

georgia organics

Fundraising and outreach pieces for Georgia Organics featuring original illustrations.

Related Compression

Logo, print identity, and fold out brochure for Related Compression, an Athens-based energy efficient, environmentally friendly home construction company. 165 Mulberry Street was Related's first project, and the first home of its kind built in Athens. The brochure was developed as a take-away from the open house, and detailed the various efficiency measures throughout the home. Finished size: 4 x 5.5", stapled, kraft paper cover. Centerfold measured 11 x 16.5".

Wholesome Wave Georgia

Fundraising and outreach piece for Wholesome Wave, single fold, finished size 11 x 8.5." The front cover depicts farmers and EBT/foodstamp users. The inner spread detailed the charity's mission statement, funding structure, growth, and spread of reach. The back cover displays celebrity-chef and -farmer testimonials as well as the charity's contact info.