Festival Day posters for the Freedom Farmers Market at the Carter Center

Illustration and design of seasonal posters for the Athens Farmers Market.

Concepts, illustrations and designs for special event posters.


Heavily illustrated, tri-level, nested wedding invitation to the wedding of Valissa and Jared Pickard. The event was a destination event to take place in the home of Valissa, Rincon, Puerto Rico. We decided to really go over the top with the invitation and convince the attendees it would be a party worth the airfare. The wedding would take place at the Horned Dorset Primavera, a Moorish-inspired masterpiece on the edge of the Carribbean Sea. Shipped in a square envelope, the invitation was bound by a ribbon of brown paper imprinted with a cartouche of the couple's initials.

Design and development of barn fold invitation for the wedding of Jason Mann and Laura Brams. The design was inspired by a piece of folk art owned by the couple that they just happened to resemble. The event had a carnival theme and the invitation was designed to feel like a ticket. Once detached, the left hand section became an RSVP postcard. The Thank You insert allowed the couple to include personal notes to select recipients.

Official thank you card for the wedding of Laura Brams and Jason Mann. The inscription, found by the bride, reads: "In 15th-century Rimini, the wedding banquet of a son of the ruling Malatesta family included 8,000 chickens, 890 geese, 540 ducks, 40 forms of parmesan, 478 salamis, 4,000 oysters, and 16 peacocks." The interior illustrations nearly demonstrate such a spread. Printed on off-white cardstock.