Illustration for tritone promotional sticker for Third Wave Foundation, finished size 3 x 4.3". The sticker was developed to be a part of a "guerilla marketing" campaign, worn and posted around New York City, the Foundation's base, like graffiti.

Annual Report

Annual Report for the Third Wave Foundation, a feminist/LGBTQ human rights foundation based in New York with partner agencies nationwide. The report was produced in duotone and has a finished dimension of 5.5 x 8.5". The cover design stems from an office party photo booth. The participants happened to be using cards to complete the phrase, "Yes we do..." I used the repetition of the cards as a basis for a strip motif, holding the title and full logo of the charity. The design is continued on the back cover displaying a call to action for recipients: donate, celebrate, stay up-to-date; and contact information.


Small scale publication design of a print newsletter/docket for the Third Wave Foundation, finished size: 8.5 x 11". The docket features a letter from the charity's director, a roll call and description of partner organizations, an infographic detailing grant partner strategies, and a grant partner spotlight.